FAQ ~ How do you house your dogs?




Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  This is We'll C Mini Aussies' main kennel.

You will find two kennel buildings at We'll C Mini Aussies.  The main kennel holds 18 ~ 5'x10' wire kennels.  Each dog has their own space to eat, drink and relax.  The kennel has several big windows and a large roll up door on each end so we can open it up and let the fresh air in.  It has a cement floor with gutters in the back so that we can hose down the kennels easily daily.  During the days we let the dogs out into small groups of 2 or 3 into large play yards.  This gives them time to play and socialize.  The dogs are always happy to get out in the mornings but equally happy to return to their kennels in the evenings.



Our second kennel was built at the advice of our vet.  It was intended to be an isolation kennel in case one of the dogs got sick.  It holds 3 ~ 5'x10' kennels, is heated, and has a cement floor and gutter, and a baithing and grooming area.  We have    actually used it for housing our Mini Aussie litters as we've not had need of a "sick bay".

Our kennels are cleaned every morning which is why we prefer not to have visits before noon.  Sorry, but taking care of our dogs comes first.  Our dogs are fed in the evening when they come into the kennel from their day of play.