If you are interested in upcoming puppies from any of these litters, please be sure to check out our

buyer's list as several of them are already sold.






We'll C Mini Aussies', Christa and Deuce, are expecting pups toward the end of November 2021.



Christa and  Deuce had their new litter of pups on Nov. 21, 2021.  They have 1 pup available as of Dec. 19th.

Currently all pups are spoken for.

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We will be making a major move out of state and can't take most of the dogs with us due to state

regulations.  We are not at all happy with this part of the change. I am working on the list below of dogs that

need a good loving home.  More will be added as I get updated photos. 


We can get the unspayed and unneutered fixed and get them through recovery for you if we can fit that in our time frame.  Vets prefer not to spay girls that are too close to a heat cycle.  Of course the price will be higher because of the additional costs to us.  All dogs will be priced on an individual basis.  Older dogs will be less.  None of them will be as much as we sell puppies for of course. I don't think it wise for any of them to go to cat friendly homes.  Our dogs have not been exposed to many children.  The neighbor's grew up and there is no family close. 

Buyers must be able to provide proper medical care, housing, and food. 








Sally was born May 1, 2019.  She has had one litter and is now spayed.  Sally is on the shy side.  She is one of those dogs that doesn't do well in a large kennel setting.  Some handle it well while others just can't thrive in that setting.  Sally needs someone who has patients and willing to work with her. 

Sally does get along well with most other dogs but not so much if they are on the other side of the fence.  She is not really the instigator type.  Cats however, I would think that would be a different story.

Sally has been walked on a leash but not often so she would need a brush up on the leash.

Sally is crate trained.







Pia was born April 8, 2011.  This one is smart.  Pia is an escape artist.  She watches to see if we put the clip on the kennel door.  If not....she's running around our feet.

Pia has been spayed.

Pia has had a dental in 2021 and had a broken k9 tooth removed.  Doesn't affect her in the least now that it's been pulled.

Pia just got her annual vaccinations including bordetella.  Her next rabies vaccination is due Oct. 6, 2024.

Pia has been playing with Wookie on the days the weather is good enough for dog to go outside and play.  Wookie is available also.  It might be nice for them if they could go to the same home but it's not a requirement.

Pia is also crate trained and loves being in the house.




Stormy - Stormy is a small red Merle male.  He was born Nov. 12, 2015 and he weighs around 17 pounds.  Stormy has fathered a few litters of pups.  He is a high energy dog.  Definitely needs an active owner.  A jogger or hiker would be perfect.  However, when he gets out of the kennel and gets more attention he does settle down a lot.  We would expect him to be reasonable in a home environment.  Stormy does have a sweet disposition and gets along with females and most males.  This kid is a definite water dog.  It's hard to keep him out of his water bowl even in winter.  Want a swimmer?  Check out Stormy.

Leiah - Leigh is a small red tri and weighs around 15 pounds.  Leigh was born May 24, 2017 and is a litter mate sister to Luke.  She is of higher intelligence than most.  Leigh will be willing to learn anything you want to teach.  She is a high energy dog and would be a great jogging partner.  However, she calms down nicely when getting cuddled.  Leigh got a grass seed behind one eye when she was a tiny puppy and as a result she has one eye.  She doesn't remember ever having two so it's not an issue to her.  She is a climber and is capable of climbing a 6' fence if she wants to.  It would take a lid on a crate or just simply hanging out with her person to avoid climbing. Leiah loves water also.  While she doesn't get into her water bowl like Stormy, as a little puppy she jumped right in the first body of water she ever saw. Leigh will need to be spayed.

Kaiju -  Kaiju is a small red tri around 15 pounds.  Kaiju was born April 17, 2018.  al size.  She has a slight under bite so she has already been spayed.  She has not had any puppies.  Kaiju is on the shy side with strangers but will come out of her shell when with her people.  She has an adorable habbit.  You can tell when she's really happy as she throws her front and back legs out away from her body and then crawls on her belly.  It's really funny and she will delight any owner.

Luke - Luke is a drop dead gorgeous dog.  Luke was born May 24, 2017k and is a litter mate brother to Leiah.  He is a red tri and has double blue eyes and a beautiful show coat.  Luke probably weighs 15-17 pounds or so.  Luke is very shy so we did not use him as a stud dog but is still intact.  He would be great for an older owner.  Luke would learn to cuddle on the couch. He probably wouldn't be as impressed with kids.  We feel they move to quickly for him.  Luke needs someone with a soft gentle soul.

Wookie - Wookie is a blue Merle and weighs probably around 25 pounds. Wookie was born Dec. 23, 2011.   He is still intact and has fathered a few of our litters.  Wookie is energetic and would most likely enjoy playing with older children.  Not sure about toddlers.  He11 is usually a happy go lucky guy but he does have problems with an occasional male dog.  His play mate partner is Pia.  It would be nice if someone could give a home to both keeping them together but it's not a requirement.

Christa - Christa is a very pretty black tri Mini with double blue eyes. She was born Aug. 29, 2016.  Christa's conformation is perfect.  She has the bigger bone and is stocky with a beautiful block shaped head.  We are currently sending her litter of puppies mid June 2022.  She will need to be spayed after her uterus and mammary glands get back to normal size.  Christa is a happy girl when in the house or in a crate in the house.  However, in the kennel building she gets very upset and becomes shy.  Some personalities just can't handle that situation.  She should return to her pr baby weigh of about 26 pounds.