Buyers must be able to provide proper medical care, housing, and food and a safe environment for these dogs. 

While not all Aussies are shy of strangers, it is not uncommon for Australian Shepherds to be shy at first.  We estimate it will take about a month for an adult dog to adjust to a new environment.  It did for all of the adult shelter dogs we have rescued in the past anyway so we figure it does for most adult dogs.

Homes with cats would not be a good match for these dogs.  Also, we have not had the opportunity to expose these dogs to children.  We simply didn't have any kids around or know any we could borrow.

All of our dogs will be spayed or neutered before leaving.  All are current on vaccinations.






Stormy - Stormy is a small red Merle male.  He was born Nov. 12, 2015 and he weighs around 17 pounds.  Stormy has fathered a few litters of pups.  He is a high energy dog.  Definitely needs an active owner.  A jogger or hiker would be perfect.  However, when he gets out of the kennel and gets more attention he does settle down a lot.  We would expect him to be reasonable in a home environment.  Stormy does have a sweet disposition and gets along with females and most males.  This kid is a definite water dog.  It's hard to keep him out of his water bowl even in winter.  Want a swimmer?  Check out Stormy.




Leiah - Leigh is a small red tri and weighs around 15 pounds.  Leigh was born May 24, 2017 and is a litter mate sister to Luke.  She is of higher intelligence than most.  Leigh will be willing to learn anything you want to teach.  She is a high energy dog and would be a great jogging partner.  However, she calms down nicely when getting cuddled.  Leigh got a grass seed behind one eye when she was a tiny puppy and as a result she has one eye.  She doesn't remember ever having two so it's not an issue to her.  She is a climber and is capable of climbing a 6' fence if she wants to.  It would take a lid on a crate or just simply hanging out with her person to avoid climbing. Leiah loves water also.  While she doesn't get into her water bowl like Stormy, as a little puppy she jumped right in the first body of water she ever saw. Leigh will need to be spayed.