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Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  Crystal, one of We'll C Mini Aussies' double blue eyed black tris (BET) is up for adoption.



Crystal is a beautiful double blue eyed black tri (BET).  She was born in spring of 2009 which makes her 8 this year.  Crystal has been spayed and is ready to find a loving home. 

Crystal has always had a high prey drive which has actually mellowed a bit with age. 



Because of this we will only adopt her out to a home that does not have other small pets in the home.  Crystal should be just fine with a dog of similar size or larger.

Crystal loves people.  However, we have learned that Crystal doesn't care much for small children.  She is fine with teens and adults.  She is very sweet and loving.    Therefore, the perfect home for Crystal will not have small children living in it or have small grandchildren visiting.  Same goes for friend that visit with small children.  Not a good idea.  A fenced yard is a must under the circumstances. 

We don't want to make Crystal sound like a bad girl.  She's not!  However,  we all have weird quirks in our personalities and these are hers.  We want to see Crystal have the ideal situation so she can be happy the rest of her life.  She deserves house duty and sharing someone's bed.

Crystal was raised in our home as a puppy but has spent most of her nights in the kennel.  She probably needs a refresher on house training.  CHECK OUT HER PERSONAL PAGE....

If you think Crystal might fit in your household send us an email or give us a call.


Mini Aussie Puppies for sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food and care products for your Mini Aussie puppy.


  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food, nutritional treats, hygiene products and grooming products for your new Mini Aussie puppy.





Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  Secure your Mini Aussie puppy from We'll C Mini Aussies with PayPal.


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